Krest - Pin Tail Combs w/ Extra-long Pins

Krest - Pin Tail Combs w/ Extra-long Pins
Pin Tail Combs with Extra-long Pins •Package holds two combs •Extra-long pin tails – 4-7/8” long •Metal tail is stainless steel •Combs are made from the highest quality nitrile rubber •Two teeth styles are offered •Shiny black colour •Teeth are polished and have rounded tips and sides •Made in USA •XL pin enables the perfect foil fold –it eliminates foil bunching caused by shorter pins. •XL pin also completely spans sectioned hair •XL pin is ideal for weaving and sectioning. •These combs’ nitrile rubber material provides superior strength and durability. •The fine tooth comb is also great for teasing hair. •The combination of tooth styles allow for a wide range of applications.•The rounded tips and sides of the teeth are gentle to the hair and scalp.

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