Bodyography - Coconut Milk Serum - 1oz
Bodyography - Coconut Milk Serum 1oz

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Product Code: BD-BS-4210

Bodyography - Coconut Milk Serum - 1oz

A light and soothing Coconut milk serum for daily use. Infused with hydrating Coconut milk full of potassium and moisture. A Radiance Blend stimulates circulation and oxygenation for a healthy glow, brighter and more translucent skin. Excellent for dull, devitalized and aging skin. Enriched with Age Rejuvenating Peptide, clinically proven to produce and increase in elasticity, reduction in wrinkles and line formations. The peptide is enhanced with Goji Berry Extract, an antioxidant which energizes the potency of the peptide. Vitamins A, C & E nourish the skin and Argan and Jojoba Oil hydrate and enhance the skin’s natural texture. Tightens, moisturizes and brightens the skin.

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